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 Custom Flavouring
 Open 7 Days a Week and Holidays
 Free Blister Packaging
 Seniors Discounts Everyday
 Certified Diabetes Educator on Site
Veterinary Compounding
 Free GTA Delivery*

*Exclusions may apply


Our team at Halton Pharmacy is here to promote and encourage your health as part of your reliable healthcare team in Oakville. Working closely with doctors and others in the healthcare profession, our pharmacists play an important role in not only providing prescriptions and other products, but also a trusted relationship. We waive the $2 copay for all ODB patients. We also carry a wide variety of products, from cold medicine to wound care dressing for burns and scrapes. Contact us today to talk about our services, and ask about our free prescription delivery in GTA. We are open seven days a week and holidays.

With custom compounding, our experienced pharmacists can create unique prescription for patients with certain needs. If you suffer from increased side-effects, or have allergies to certain types of medicine, speak with your doctor and our pharmacist team to see if compounding can help you. We now also offer veterinary compounding.

Custom Medication Flavouring

In collaboration with FLAVORx, we can flavour any liquid medication for you or your child. Ask a pharmacy team member today!

Collaborative Care at Oakville Health Centre

Have your medications where your doctor is! We have a great relationship with the doctors in our building and frequently collaborate with your physician for all your medication needs. This team approach ensures that you receive the best medication for your individual healthcare needs.

Medication Reviews

We offer a personalized review of all of your medications with one of our trusted pharmacists. This allows the pharmacist to assess the effectiveness, appropriateness, side effects and any drug interactions with your medications.

Free Blister Packaging

Keep track of your medicine with blister packaging for all of your prescriptions. At no extra cost, you can make sure that you never miss a dose.

Certified Diabetes Educator on Site

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, we have a certified diabetes educator at our location. They act as a guide to make sure that you are keeping healthy and help you better manage your diabetes.

Our pharmacy does prescription transfers in 5 minutes or less and can synchronize your medication refills to save time and simplify your life! Call us today!

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